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Bengali Wedding Photography in Durgapur : Ratan & Anwesha’s Story of Togetherness

A Small and Intimate Bengali Wedding Photography in Durgapur Bengali weddings are a charming fusion of age-old traditions and modern festivities, brimming with colors, warm emotions and lively rituals. In the heart of Durgapur, Ratan and Anwesha’s wedding became an enchanting affair. The wedding was restricted to only a few family members and friends. There […]

A Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Patna : Love Story of Rishabh & Shivani

A few years back, we had a lovely experience of doing a pre wedding photoshoot in Patna, the capital of Bihar. The city offers a diverse range of picturesque locations for pre wedding photoshoots. From the tranquil banks of the Holy Ganges to the nature rich beautiful parks, Patna serves as a charming backdrop that […]

A Pre Wedding Shoot in Kolkata : Capturing Eternal Love of Rig & Jaita

Planning a unique pre wedding shoot in Kolkata? That’s an awesome idea. We strongly encourage you to go forward with your plan. Kolkata has a rich cultural heritage, magnificent architectures, and stunning landscapes. And, all these offer a perfect backdrop for capturing your special moments before the big day. For couples who look forward for […]

Aurna’s One Year Babyshoot in Kolkata

One Year Babyshoot in Kolkata, Celebrating Aurna’s Precious Memories Little Aurna was born at a time when we were just getting familiar with the term Coronavirus. We absolutely had no idea what we were going to see in the next few years. It was February 2020. By the time she turned 3 weeks old, the […]

Aarya’s Newborn Photoshoot in Durgapur

Celebrating the Arrival of Pure Joy: A Mesmerizing Newborn Photoshoot in Durgapur About 2 months back we got a call from Aarya’s father to do her newborn photography. We started planning our shots right from the moment the conversation ended. For our style of photography, we never pre plan while documenting toddler’s. Their movements are […]

Maternity Photography in Durgapur: Vandana & Praveen

Expecting mothers in Durgapur, it’s time to rejoice! The service of maternity photography in Durgapur by Cute Baby Stories offers a splendid opportunity to capture the joy, radiance and anticipation of this beautiful chapter in your life. Every pregnancy journey is unique in their own way. The transformative experience of pregnancy is a wonderful feeling. […]

One Year Photoshoot of Ashviq

A one year photoshoot is an important moment in a child’s life. As parents, you will always want to make this occasion a memorable one. The one year is a significant milestone because your little child transitions from a newborn stage to an adventurous and curious toddler. To celebrate this phase, many parents opt for […]

The best wedding photobooks can give life to your wedding memories!

The best wedding photobooks – do you really need them? I shall try my best to explain here why they are important! The importance that wedding photographers have in a wedding event is known to everyone. They are the ones who play a pivotal role in photographing the beautiful precious moments of a couple’s marriage. With their works, […]

Baby photoshoot moments of a 5-year-old princess

The 5th year of a baby’s life is a very important milestone. Parents these days take much interest in photographing their baby’s growing years. The importance of baby photography cannot be overstated. It is a way for the parents to capture their child’s fleeting infancy. It also preserves the memories of these early days for […]

Expressive Babyshoot Moments of Little Disha

Emotions play a very vital part in the making of a portrait photograph. It can be anything – a happy moment, a tense moment, an angry moment, a pensive moment, anything and it has to be there in every portrait photograph. While doing baby shoots, every time my objective remains the same and it is […]

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