Aarya’s Newborn Photoshoot in Durgapur
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Every newborn photoshoot in Durgapur gives us a unique rewarding experience. For us, weaving magic through our lens gives us the best feeling in the world. A baby’s first moments is undoubtedly delightfully charming. Their every smile and every yawn have a beautiful story waiting to be told. And there is no better way than a heartwarming newborn photoshoot to capture these precious memories in the form of magnificent stories. Welcome to a world of surprises and wonders, where we undertake the artistry of newborn photography. Join us on our extraordinary journey, while we create some magic for you with pure love!

Tiny Miracles, Captured in Frames.

Celebrating the Arrival of Pure Joy: A Mesmerizing Newborn Photoshoot in Durgapur

About 2 months back we got a call from Aarya’s father to do her newborn photography. We started planning our shots right from the moment the conversation ended. For our style of photography, we never pre plan while documenting toddler’s. Their movements are always full of surprises, and we prefer to go on with the flow to photograph and film their unadulterated moments. During such sessions, we make use of very less props as we feel they can hamper the process of capturing a toddler’s genuine personality. However, for newborn photography the scenario is completely different, and preplanning is required to create aesthetically pleasing newborn photographs. The reason is they move less and the only expressions they give are the smiles and the yawns.

A Captivating Photoshoot, a Lifetime of Joy.

During Aarya’s photoshoot, we also involved Aarya’s parents in the session to portray the bond they share with their newly found little miracle. We witnessed the overwhelming joy as we went on capturing the beautiful connection between them and their newborn. At Cute Baby Stories, we know that every baby is unique in their own way. Their individuality, therefore, deserves to be celebrated. We always strive to create a personalized experience that matches your vision and preferences.

Let the magic unfold! Book your session of newborn photography in Durgapur, Kolkata or nearby areas today and take back home a treasure trove of timeless memories for your growing family.

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Cute Baby Stories, a subsidiary of Abhishek Roy Photography, is a leading team of professional baby photographers in Kolkata and Durgapur. Till date, the team has covered hundreds of baby photography sessions across different cities of India. The timeless baby portraits and family portraits that we have created over time have helped Cute Baby Stories establish itself as a trusted brand offering baby and child photography services in India.

Aarya’s Newborn Photoshoot in Durgapur
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