Aurna’s One Year Babyshoot in Kolkata

A one year babyshoot in Kolkata is an excellent way to celebrate your little one’s first birthday in the City of Joy. A baby’s first year is filled with full of surprises. They tend to grow quickly and in the blink of an eye they won’t be little anymore. A one year baby photoshoot also known as a first birthday photoshoot or milestone photography, is a perfect way to commemorate this landmark milestone. Heartwarming baby photographs capturing the joy and precious moments shall serve as treasured mementos. They will help you in reliving those memories for years to come.

In a world full of noise, a baby’s laughter is the sweetest sound.

One Year Babyshoot in Kolkata, Celebrating Aurna’s Precious Memories

Little Aurna was born at a time when we were just getting familiar with the term Coronavirus. We absolutely had no idea what we were going to see in the next few years. It was February 2020. By the time she turned 3 weeks old, the impact of Coronavirus started to show its strength. As a result, India’s central government had to implement lockdown in the entire country to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. As a result, Aurna’s first rice ceremony event and six month photoshoot ideas had to be cancelled because the effect of Coronavirus was at its peak. Aurna’s parents decided to wait for the situation to improve and if everything goes well, they will plan a 1st birthday photoshoot of their baby girl.

Capturing moments of pure innocence and endless wonder.

When I first met one-year-old Aurna during her photo shoot session, I got to know from her parents that she was never taken outside her home apart from regular doctor checkups or vaccinations. Well, the stories are more or less the same for all the babies whom we have photographed between 2020 and 2022. The reasons are very well known to all of us. As a baby photographer, I consider myself fortunate enough to stay close to these little beauties. I get opportunities to play with them which in turn helps me to photograph their expressions packed with loads of innocence. This photo shoot was Aurna’s first trip to a park. For the first time in her life, she experienced so many things in a few hours’ time. Her awestricken, investigative expressions caught our eyes, and they were so priceless! They had to be photographed and I was ready with my camera.

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Aurna’s One Year Babyshoot in Kolkata
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