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A Pre Wedding Shoot in Kolkata : Capturing Eternal Love of Rig & Jaita

Planning a unique pre wedding shoot in Kolkata? That’s an awesome idea. We strongly encourage you to go forward with your plan. Kolkata has a rich cultural heritage, magnificent architectures, and stunning landscapes. And, all these offer a perfect backdrop for capturing your special moments before the big day. For couples who look forward for an out-of-the-box pre wedding shoot, Kolkata has innumerous number of unique locations that go beyond the conventional. Whether you wish to capture the artistic charm of College Street, or the romantic essence of Maidan, or the bustling and vibrant flower market, or the beautiful Howrah Bridge, there are endless possibilities to make your pre wedding photo shoot in Kolkata truly unforgettable. With the best pre wedding photographers in Kolkata, the entire team of Abhishek Roy Photography are well-versed in exploring these distinctive locales, ensuring your shoot stands out from the crowd.

Capturing Love in the City of Joy: A Pre Wedding Shoot in Kolkata!

Pre wedding photography is an excellent way to celebrate your love and create everlasting memories. For couples embarking on a journey of arranged marriage, pre wedding shoots hold a special significance. It provides an opportunity to discover each other, know each other and celebrate the unique connection that destiny has brought together. A pre wedding photoshoot for such couples helps in creating cherished memories before the wedding day. Rig and Jaita is one such couple who started their lifelong journey through an arranged marriage last year.

Love, Destined and Discovered: Where Romance Blooms in an Arranged Marriage

Rig was too shy and was against the idea of a photoshoot before their marriage. It was Jaita who consistently insisted Rig on doing a pre wedding photo shoot in Kolkata. Left with no other option, Rig with lots of hesitation in mind, had to agree to the plan of a photo shoot.

When we had a conversation with both of them, we got to know that Jaita hails from Gopalganj, a small city in Bihar. She was very much eager to do the shoot in Kolkata because she was fascinated with the beautiful architectures and landscapes of the city. Being a not so frequent visitor of Kolkata, she, therefore, had the urge to include the heritages of the city in their pre wedding photographs and pre wedding film. Jaita placed a special request for us. It was to involve the Howrah Bridge and the Ganges in their pre wedding shoot. We acted accordingly and did the shoot 2 days before they tied the knot for a forever journey!

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A Pre Wedding Shoot in Kolkata : Capturing Eternal Love of Rig & Jaita
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