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A Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Patna : Love Story of Rishabh & Shivani

A few years back, we had a lovely experience of doing a pre wedding photoshoot in Patna, the capital of Bihar. The city offers a diverse range of picturesque locations for pre wedding photoshoots. From the tranquil banks of the Holy Ganges to the nature rich beautiful parks, Patna serves as a charming backdrop that enhances the beauty of your pre wedding photographs. Not to forget the numerous wall paintings of the city that will definitely steal your attention!

Looking to uniquely capture the essence of your precious love story in a breathtaking manner? Abhishek Roy Photography brings you an exquisite pre wedding photoshoot experience in Patna, India. Often being considered as one of the top pre wedding photographers in the industry, we are passionate about narrating your unique love story through mesmerizing a series of pre wedding photographs!

Capturing a Timeless Tale in a Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Patna

Pre wedding photography has emerged as a cherished trend in India over the last few years. It allows couples to celebrate their love story and create timeless memories before their wedding day. The beautiful city of Patna has also catched up with the trend. As a result, the demand for a pre wedding photoshoot in Patna has also increased considerably. At Abhishek Roy Photography, we understand how significant are the pre wedding photographs to preserve the romance and excitement of this special time in your life. With a passion for storytelling, our talented photographers with their artistic vision bring your love story to life through stunning images and films.

Painting the Streets of Patna with their Radiant Smiles.

Love stories often unfold in unexpected ways. Sometimes they are even arranged. Such is the tale of Rishabh and Shivani. They are two beautiful souls destined to be together for a lifetime. Rishabh and Shivani’s families came together to unite them in matrimony through the sacred bond of arranged marriage. They began their love story from the historical city of Patna, where their pre wedding photoshoot was planned. While Shivani hails from Patna, Rishabh, however, had to travel all the way from Dehradun for the pre wedding shoot. A month later they got married. In this post, we delve into the captivating tale of Rishabh and Shivani’s journey and their enchanting pre wedding photography in the heart of Patna.

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A Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Patna : Love Story of Rishabh & Shivani
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