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Bengali Wedding Photography in Durgapur : Ratan & Anwesha’s Story of Togetherness

A few years back, while we were working on an assignment of a Bengali wedding photography in Durgapur, we saw some foreign nationals seemingly enjoying the wedding saga. I approached them to ask about their views and perception of the Bengali wedding they were experiencing. They replied that they haven’t seen any wedding as beautiful as that one. Well, this would be the case for anyone witnessing a Bengali wedding for the first time!

Every Bengali Wedding has their own Beauty!

A Small and Intimate Bengali Wedding Photography in Durgapur

Bengali weddings are a charming fusion of age-old traditions and modern festivities, brimming with colors, warm emotions and lively rituals. In the heart of Durgapur, Ratan and Anwesha’s wedding became an enchanting affair. The wedding was restricted to only a few family members and friends. There was nothing fancy and the entire setup was very simple. The venues of the wedding had minimal to absolutely no decorations, yet everything looked so full of life. Our team at Abhishek Roy Photography meticulously planned and executed the Bengali wedding photoshoot for Ratan and Anwesha, ensuring that every frame spoke volumes about their love story.

Love, the universal language that paints life’s canvas with the brushstrokes of romance.

Ratan and Anwesha’s wedding event was probably the simplest and the shortest wedding that we have covered till date. With attention to detail, our candid wedding photographers specializing in Bengali wedding photography turned the ordinary scenes from Ratan and Anwesha’s wedding into extraordinary memories.

The festivities began with the beautiful “Gaye Holud” ceremony, where Ratan and Anwesha were adorned in vibrant yellow attire. The atmosphere was filled with excitement as family and friends smeared turmeric paste on the couple’s glowing faces. The candid shots captured the true emotions of love, laughter, and playful banter. Ratan and Anwesha’s traditional Bengali wedding ceremony started during the evening time where they took vows amidst the sacred fire. Every ritual was meticulously documented by Abhishek Roy Photography, a prominent team comprising of the best wedding photographers in Durgapur. The “Sindoor Daan” ceremony happened at the end when Ratan gently applied the red vermilion to Anwesha’s hair parting. Our photographers skillfully seized this intense moment for the newlywed couple.

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Bengali Wedding Photography in Durgapur : Ratan & Anwesha’s Story of Togetherness
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