One Year Photoshoot of Ashviq
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A one year photoshoot is an important moment in a child’s life. As parents, you will always want to make this occasion a memorable one. The one year is a significant milestone because your little child transitions from a newborn stage to an adventurous and curious toddler. To celebrate this phase, many parents opt for a one year photoshoot to capture the essence of their child’s growth and an expert baby photographer immortalizes the innocence, joy, and beauty of their little ones. These precious timeless photographs become treasured keepsakes. They serve as a testament to the early years of a child’s life. In this post, we are sharing the one year photoshoot moments of our little explorer Ashviq.

Time flies, memories stay: One Year Photoshoot

Sometime around April last year, we got a phone call from Ashviq’s mother. She was excited about her little child and wanted to do a new born photo shoot in Durgapur. However, by the time, we got the call, Ashviq was already around 3 months old. We told her that to get the best output from a newborn photoshoot, the baby should be around 15 – 20 days old. Since, Ashviq was way beyond that timeframe, different newborn poses were not possible and that would result in his discomfort. We advised her to wait for three more months and go for a six month photoshoot. We also explained her what she can expect from the different phases of a baby’s growth journey. However, for some reason, the half year babyshoot of Ashviq couldn’t be done.

Ultimately, around December last year, we finally got the chance to do a one year photoshoot of little Ashviq. He was a bit shy at the very beginning. With our playing skills, we ensured that he becomes friendly with us and that happened quickly. Let us now introduce our little explorer with all of you.

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One Year Photoshoot of Ashviq
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