Expressive Babyshoot Moments of Little Disha

Emotions play a very vital part in the making of a portrait photograph. It can be anything – a happy moment, a tense moment, an angry moment, a pensive moment, anything and it has to be there in every portrait photograph. While doing baby shoots, every time my objective remains the same and it is to photograph emotions in their … Continue ReadingExpressive Babyshoot Moments of Little Disha

Babyshoot of Yuvaan

The hero of this story is little Yuvaan who completed his one-year journey last May in style. He learned the art of smashing cake from his father and we did our part in documenting the moment. By the time he turns two, we are sure he would become a perfectionist in Cake Smash. Let’s now introduce our Expression King Yuvaan … Continue ReadingBabyshoot of Yuvaan

Six Month Babyshoot of Aadit

This six month babyshoot was done on the occassion of First Rice Ceremony of little Aadit. Although it was a small baby photoshoot but we enjoyed a lot while spending time with the young champ. Let’s now introduce Aadit to all of you. Cute Baby Stories, a subsidiary of Abhishek Roy Photography, is a leading team of professional baby photographers … Continue ReadingSix Month Babyshoot of Aadit

Babyshoot of Priyanshi: Baby Photography in Jalpaiguri

This post is about one of our assignments of baby photography in Jalpaiguri. Here, 2-year-old Priyanshi can be seen enjoying her own world of dreams. All the photographs from this series are taken indoors at her home. Photographing babies between 1 year and 3 years is quite challenging. During the early days of this phase, they would put in all … Continue ReadingBabyshoot of Priyanshi: Baby Photography in Jalpaiguri

Babyshoot of Reeyansh: Baby Photography in Durgapur

As a leading brand offering the services of Baby Photography in Durgapur, we have created thousands of timeless baby portraits. The city of Durgapur has some beautiful locations covered with trees and greeneries. And, we always try to incorporate this beauty in our babyshoot sessions. We did the same in this baby photoshoot session of little Reeyansh. Let’s now introduce … Continue ReadingBabyshoot of Reeyansh: Baby Photography in Durgapur

Babyshoot of Aarjoyee: Baby Photography in Mejia, Bankura

This album of baby photography in Mejia, Bankura is all about a cute little bundle of joy. Let’s introduce Aarjoyee to all of you. Baby Photography in Mejia, Bankura When we met our superstar Aarjoyee on the day of her photoshoot, she was 1 year and 1 day old. She was born in January 2020 at a time when Covid … Continue ReadingBabyshoot of Aarjoyee: Baby Photography in Mejia, Bankura