Babyshoot of Aarjoyee: Baby Photography in Mejia, Bankura
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This album of baby photography in Mejia, Bankura is all about a cute little bundle of joy. Let’s introduce Aarjoyee to all of you.

Baby Photography in Mejia, Bankura

When we met our superstar Aarjoyee on the day of her photoshoot, she was 1 year and 1 day old. She was born in January 2020 at a time when Covid 19 pandemic started spreading throughout the world. By the time she turned two months old, the entire country was put under lockdown. This in turn restricted the childhoods of thousands of babies in a caged concrete space named home and Aarjoyee’s fate wasn’t an exception. There was a beautiful green ground with a couple of rides for children just beside this little angel’s home. She was never taken there because of the fear of the pandemic! The day of her photoshoot was however an exception as we went outside with Aarjoyee to play with her. She was seemingly happy enjoying her few moments of independence. Seeing her happy face, our hearts also was filled with joy. At least for the sake of the photoshoot, we all could help her perceive a few moments of childhood joy!

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Babyshoot of Aarjoyee: Baby Photography in Mejia, Bankura
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