Being a travel photographer from Kolkata, I have explored different locations for candid wedding photography or travel photography assignments. Travel photography is a diverse field. Take my example, sometimes I become a landscape photographer, sometimes I would remain busy photographing architectures of a place, sometimes you may find me photographing people on the streets. And, every style of travel photography is unique and different from each other! Thus, while travelling, I love to photograph almost anything beautiful that I see around me and this helps me in describing a particular place!

There is hardly any person on Earth who doesn't like visiting different destinations. And, I am not an exception either! I love travelling because it helps me in exploring places that are new to me. It allows me to know about the history, the specialities, the cultures, the people and the cuisines of a place. Travel has always remained an integral part of my life. Till date, many travel companies have used my travel photography and travel blogging services for promotion of their organizations. You can hire me for any kind of travel assignments and I will be happy to be a part of it!