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You want Candid Wedding Photography but most of you don’t know what it actually means!

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The demand for Candid Wedding Photography in Indian marriages is quite high these days. It is good to see that the shift in demand is happening from traditional photography to candid photography. However, the surprising part is probably most of you don't have a clear idea about Candid Wedding Photography. And, in the end, you end up getting a bunch of traditional photographs in the disguise of candid wedding photographs!

The problem mainly lies in the awareness part. There are many photographers who don't have a clear understanding of the word "candid". For them, keeping the subject in focus and blurring out almost everything else in the frame is a candid photograph. You will also see a countless number of photographs on the web space featuring brides and grooms with a light bokeh in the background. Well, such photographs may look good but these aspects alone cannot make a good candid photograph!

"Only expensive cameras and photography gears can produce exceptional candid photographs" - Another misconception.

The primary requirement for producing a good candid photograph is the photographer himself/herself. The vision, the idea and the reflex of a photographer is very much important. After that comes everything else. In today's world, many of us own a DSLR and sometimes the expensive ones. But, only a few people do proper justice in using them! A skilled photographer can always bring out great results even with a basic or mid-level photography equipment.

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The Actual Definition of Candid Wedding Photography

Candid Wedding Photography involves photographing moments at the right times. It's more like capturing the emotions of people without letting them know that they are being photographed. In a nutshell, candid wedding photography means photographing the natural moments of a wedding.

To capture the events, moments and rituals of a wedding has almost become a necessity these days. The photographs preserve the joyous memories. They help people associated with a wedding event to cherish the memories long after the wedding day. Traditional photographs which involve taking posed photographs serve this purpose partially. And, to get the full and actual feel of the eventful day, candid photography is a must!

At times a professional wedding photographer is also required to take traditional photographs. It's because clients want a few of them and that cannot be skipped. They are the 'created moments' and most of the times, they look unreal.

A good candid wedding photographer always looks for that perfect candid moment in between those posed contrived moments. And, pressing the shutter at that split second often produces a magic!

In this article, I have tried my best to give you a brief idea on Candid Wedding Photography. I hope I am able to clear some of your misconceptions about this photography style to some extent.

After reading this, you might be able to figure out what you need in a wedding - photographs of people living in different moments or just some posed photographs or a blend of both!

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