Babyshoot of Priyanshi: Baby Photography in Jalpaiguri

This post is about one of our assignments of baby photography in Jalpaiguri. Here, 2-year-old Priyanshi can be seen enjoying her own world of dreams. All the photographs from this series are taken indoors at her home.

Photographing babies between 1 year and 3 years is quite challenging. During the early days of this phase, they would put in all efforts to try to stand on their tiny feet. Gradually, they would start walking. And in the end, all your energies would seem much less when they begin running! They would fall, get up, and would again run! Therefore, as a photographer, you would also have to undergo a significant amount of exercise activity to photograph the dynamic moments of babies.

Baby Photography in Jalpaiguri

Priyanshi was perhaps the quickest of the kids that I have photographed till date. She would never pose! And, she moves from one corner to another corner of a room in just a fraction of a second! All the photographs of this post were taken in February 2019 using a FUJIFILM XT2.

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