Abhishek Roy | The Storyteller

I love to tell stories through my photographs. And, this is something which satisfies my soul the most. A series of photographs graduates to the next level only when its viewers can visualize what had happened when the photographs were taken. If that happens, the concerned photographer's job is almost done. This is precisely what I enjoy doing!

For a considerable period of time, I was attached with Canon India as a mentor of photography. During my stint with Canon India, I have mentored hundreds of photography enthusiasts. Through my workshops, I helped them to learn about the camera functions and settings. I also educated the participants on the basic concepts of photography and guided them in improving their skills of composing photographs.

Mr. Hitesh Ranjan Roy, my father, remained a great photojournalist of his times. His photographs inspire me a lot. What I like the most about his works is - the perfection. Shooting on films is always challenging and to bring out the perfectly timed well-exposed photograph every time is a tough thing to do. Those who have mastered it are greats. This is why my father belongs to that league of "great photographers". At home, we still talk about photography in great detail.

My love affair with photography began during the film era. I was only 13 when I bought my first film camera. You must be wondering how I did that with my own money! Well, for that, I had to spend all my pocket money that I got as gifts from my relatives. Such was my urge for photography at that young age! The first lesson that I was taught by my father was to avoid pressing the shutter button unnecessarily. I still try to follow that lesson and aims towards becoming a perfectionist.

2008 was the year when I did my first professional photography assignment. Since then, over the period of the next 10 years, I have developed myself in a way so that I can match up to your expectations of professional photography needs.

As a candid wedding photographer based in Durgapur and Kolkata, I enjoy shooting weddings. This is one field where a photographer's skills in multiple photography genres are tested. With my visual storytelling approach, I make sure my clients get the best candid photographs from the most eventful day of their life.

A wedding unites 2 beautiful souls. In the process, it also strengthens the bond between 2 families forever. As the chief photographer of Abhishek Roy Photography, I know how precious a wedding is! Hence, I ensure that my clients relive the fun and memories of their precious day years after the wedding has happened through my photographs.

Travel photography is another genre which excites me a lot. Being an avid traveller, I travel to many new places throughout the year. At different times, many travel companies have hired my services for travel photography and travel blogging assignments.

If you want to get in touch with me, just drop me a mail to info@royabhishek.com.

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